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День рождения Клары Хаскил

Написано Evgeny (MSK) , 09 Январь 2016 · 824 просмотров

7-го января был день рождения одной из сильнейших пианисток 20 века Клары Хаскил.

Ее история - это прекрасный пример того, что талант - это не только "10 000 тысяч часов практики + немного везения". Уже в детстве она могла без какой-либо тренировки исполнять на пианино сложнейшие классические музыкальные произведения. Вполне вероятно, что в будущем подобные случаи лягут в основу научного обоснования теории реинкарнации.

Ниже воспоминание о ее детстве (цитата из книги Питера Фейивангена):

"Haskil’s musical talent was evident in early childhood. At the age of three she could pick out any tune that an older sister played on the piano. She was not yet five when a professor at the Bucharest Academy visited her parent’s home and played a Mozart sonata. When he finished she repeated the sonata perfectly, while simultaneously transposing it into another key, all without having had any musical instruction. After her father’s death, the girl’s uncle brought her to the attention of Anton Door, a celebrated piano teacher in Vienna who had known Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann, and Joseph Joachim. Door described meeting the girl in the Neue Freie Presse in April 1902: 'Recently a doctor from Romania came to me, leading by the hand a little girl barely seven years of age. The child, whose mother is a widow, is unique. She has never had any music lessons beyond being shown the value and names of the notes. More did not seem necessary, for every piece of music that is played to her and which she can manage with her small hands she repeats by ear without mistake and in any key one asks. An easy movement from a Beethoven Sonata that I gave her she played at sight without difficulty. One is baffled, for this early maturity of a human brain strikes one as uncanny.'"

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